Client testimonial

“What impresses me most about my art therapy sessions with Ms. von Ancken is that she always succeeds in opening up my creativity. In particular, I have learned that it does not matter how well I draw something, but that what I draw is important. As Ms. von Ancken, in her warm and supportive manner, manages each time to accompany me through the inner obstacles and blockages created by my negative self-evaluations (“I can’t draw anyway”), it amazes me again and again to experience and observe what my unconscious is trying to convey to me through my images. Talking about our pictures in the group setting with other participants has been enlightening for me in many ways. I have to say that the art therapy sessions with Ms. von Ancken have given me critical insights to understanding my depression. At one point during a therapy session, I experienced intense somatic symptoms in reaction to my painting, to which she responded in a calm, caring, and competent manner while supporting me through the crisis. With Ms. von Ancken’s skillful assistance, I was able to re-live, re-paint and re-process the anxiety-arousing images from an adult perspective today and thereby transform them into non-fearful images. Though my past experiences themselves have not changed, through my work with Ms. von Ancken I have been able to re-connect with my own inner strengths and resources – as well as to be more self-accepting and self-compassionate – which helps me to deal more effectively with the challenges and problems that I encounter in life.”